Cádiz and Jazz, a difficult combination to overcome. Since 2008 JazzCádiz fills the summer nights of the southern capital with improvisation, playing, delicacy and live life. Next summer 2020 we will celebrate 13 years of festival.


Plataforma Jazz España

Plataforma Jazz España is a non-profit association that brings together festivals, programmers and various profiles of the jazz world throughout Spain. Its purpose is the consolidation of a representative structure of the Jazz sector nationwide.

This structure provides representation to other national cultural actors as well as a regular activity aimed at strengthening the sector from different fields of action.



Jazzahara represents a turning point in the current jazz and music sector in Andalusia: For the first time there is a commercial and professional meeting point in the sector in Andalusia in which locate the internationalization of Andalusian Jazz as well as expose and debate the most hot news today.


Asociación Qultura

The Qultura Association was born in 2001 with the object of bringing the city of Cádiz the culture that its population demands and that it doesn’t find in the usual offer. Since its start it has given life to various cycles of literature, poetry, jazz, chamber music or philosophy among others, and has collaborated with cultural institutions of different nature.


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