Vieux Coulibaly - djembe, voice.
Malik Dieng - dun dun, tama.
Dgibril Mbaye - djembe and pumpkins.
Dgibril Camara - percussion.
Jorge Vera - balafon and sabar.
Fanta Mbodji - dance and choirs
Thioro Sonko - dance and choirs
Chon Lloret - dance and choirs

Sunugal in Wolof language means “Our Ship”. Ballet Sunugal is a boat where everyone paddles and everyone brings their personality. Sunugal is formed by artists from Senegal and Spain of traditional African dance and percussion. Its origins come from the Famboundy Ballet, a Dakar company where young artists began to be trained by the director Boully Sonko (former director of the national ballet of Senegal) and Djibril Sane. These artists arrived in Spain 20 years ago to spread their art in our land. Sunugal is part of those artists from Senegal and Spanish lovers of African culture and art.

Sunugal offers a trip, through its music, to West Africa where they recreate through percussion, balafon music, tama and traditional dances, rituals, ceremonies and celebrations of all the most important aspects of life. Weddings, harvest picking, parties and all adorned by an aesthetic that symbolizes traditional cultural elements using an African costume, characterized by its color, raffias, masks and other ornaments.


Sunugal en lenguaje wolof significa “Nuestro Barco”. Ballet Sunugal es un barco donde todos reman y todos aportan su personalidad.  Sunugal esta formado por artistas de Senegal y España de danza y percusión africana tradicional. Sus orígenes vienen del Ballet Famboundy, compañía de Dakar donde artistas jóvenes empezaron a formarse a cargo del directo Boully Sonko (antiguo director del ballet nacional de Senegal) y Djibril Sane.  Estos artistas llegaron a España hace 20 años para difundir su arte en nuestra tierra.  Sunugal lo forman parte de aquellos artistas de Senegal y españoles amantes de la cultura y el arte africano.

Sunugal ofrece un viaje, a través de su música, al oeste de Africa donde se recrean a través de la percusión, la música del balafon, el tama y danzas tradicionales, rituales , ceremonias y celebraciones de todos los aspectos mas importantes de la vida. Bodas, recogida de la cosecha, fiestas y todo ello adornado por una estética que simboliza elementos culturales tradicionales utilizando un vestuario africano, característico por su colorido, rafias, máscaras y otros adornos.

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