Manolo & Curra

Manolo & Curra

Javier Galiana - Piano
María La Mónica - Voice and cajón flamenco

The union of two scenic beasts that surf with ease all the complexities of the stage, of the mysteries of the goblin. From life live. If we were lucky enough to have them separately, let’s celebrate the good news of having them in symbiosis.

A concert that is a play.
A planned improvisation in detail.

A show you come home from
With a smile and a willing heart


María / Curra
Since childhood she was soaked in flamenco. At age 18 he formed LAS MÓNICAS group with which she released 8 albums, with Maria being the main author and producer. Awarded in 2010 by Young Woman Businesswoman. She currently presents her album “Carretera y Mantra”.


Javier / Manolo
He was formed between Cádiz and Barcelona (ESMUC). Arranger of Silvia Pérez Cruz and La Canalla, keyboardist of Manu Chao, musician-actor of “Espejo, capricho escénico” (Lorca Award). Galiana makes it possible for the creative act to continue to be worthwhile.

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