Carlos Cortés - Percussions and guitar, lute and choirs
Javier Gómez Bello - Guitar, flute and voice
Carlos Fernández - Violin, guitar, lute and voice

“Los Malagatos” is a folk group of rural Spanish music. They recover the tradition, presenting it in an updated format where melodies, lyrics or dances full of emotion and historical value coexist. In this first work a range of typical styles of Malaga is presented that in many cases have been recovered by the band itself. Los Malagatos is a new aesthetic proposal that is inspired by the voice of the people.


Carlos Cortés
Musician, arranger and music researcher of the world. He has studied music in England, the United States, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Cuba, Morocco and Senegal. He has participated in musical projects with great folklorists such as Paco Ibáñez, Eliseo Parra or Carles Denia.

Javier Bello
Member of numerous folk bands since his teens (Al-folk, Gaitas del Sur, Pangea). He is director of the choir “The sea of ​​voices” and has three albums as a composer and singer-songwriter.

Carlos Fernández
Multifaceted singer and musician whose roots pass through the verdiales of malaga, Andalusian rock, and other folklore and music of the world. He has participated in studio and / or stage productions with various pandas of verdiales, La Ronda de motilleja, the show Biznaga, and the disc tribute to the anthem of Andalucia.

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