Ana Sanahuja - Compositions, vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizers and effects.
Roqui Albero - Compositions, vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics and effects.

El Astro Azul is the beginning, the youngest star in space.

El Astro Azul is the abandonment of nothingness to start beating.

Astro Azul, like all creation, comes from that unknown, dark and sincere place that inhabits us all. An entity that dictates whispered messages that eventually take shape. Every experience has a culminating moment that gives way to a new paradigm. We are born from nowhere and continue to be constantly reborn resulting in numerous metamorphoses.

On that constant origin, on the molds that break like imaginary wombs and on a starting point that can be a birth, a paradigm shift or a transformative beginning, speaks Blue Astro. Pianos, trumpets, sung and recited voices, synthesizers and effects like bird claims, merge in this duet project.

Astro Azul is a conceptual album, it is a text made music, it is an intimate catharsis, it is a ceremony invented through spoken word, sound experimentation, spoken song, electronics and performance.


Versopsicodelia – Spoken Song – Performance


Astro Azul, as a record album, is produced by Pablo Martin Jones and mixed and mastered by Carles Campi Campón, both with Latin Grammy Awards for the production of Jorge Drexler’s “Lifeguard of Ice” album. The album also has the collaboration of artists such as Drexler, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Raúl Rodríguez and Chipirón de Cádiz.

Astro Azul, taken to the live show, has the complicity for the staging of Pablo Rosal, poet and theatrist, actor of the Lord Serrano Group and author of one of the texts of the album. For his part, Jrisa Liaila is responsible for the direction of photography and lighting design.

Outstanding performances of Versonautas: Havana Poetry House – Cuba, Cosmopoetics Festival (Córdoba), Barcelona Poetry Festival, Civivox San Jorge (Pamplona), IVAM (Valencia), Vociferio Festival (Valencia), Toledo Jazz Festival, La Book Night (Madrid), Castellón Auditorium, La Surada Festival (Santander), La Gota de Leche Cultural Center (Logroño), Irreconcilable poetry Festival (Málaga), Guardetxe Poetry Festival (San Sebastián), Raval Theater ( Castellón), Mostra Viva (Valencia), Poetry Festival of Sant Cugat (Barcelona), Matarranya Intimate Festival (Teruel), Microfest Festival (Huesca), Cabanyal Intimate Festival (Valencia), etc.


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