Lucia Rey

Lucía Rey Trio Lucía Rey Trío, a formation that began its journey in 2016, and that after a season of concerts in different cities, festivals and jazz venues in Spain (Jazz Filloa hall in A Coruña, Clarence Jazz Club in Malaga, venues Clamores and Bogui de Madrid, Vitoria Jazz Festival, Alhaurín de la Torre Jazz Festival, Málaga) record their first album ‘Reflection’ in the city of Granada.

In her creations a mixed sensibility prevails that encompasses styles and sources of inspiration of a very varied nature and origin. Thus, we can hear in their concerts tributes and direct references to classical music, pop, blues, Spanish or Latin music, both in the compositions they sign and in their covers.

Her proposal flows and is complemented by a musical complicity and creative freedom that are mutually granted and that the public perceives in each of her improvisations.

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