Jambá Brass Band

Jambá Brass Band

Javi Bermúdez - Bassist and trombonist
Pablo Fernández - Trumpeter and pianist
Julio Martín - Baritone Saxophonist
Jose Carlos Bermudez - Trombonist
Miguel Barrones - Trombonist
Dani Bermúdez - Trumpeter
Jesús Carrillo - Percussionist
Adrián Rodriguez - Percussionist
Javier Molina - Trumpeter
Jose Manuel Villegas - trumpeter, percussionist and singer
Raúl Berman - Saxofonista alto
Pablo Castillo - Trumpeter
Rafa Macias - Trumpeter
Guillermo Morillo - Alto Saxophonist
Dani Barcia - Tenor Saxophonist
Fran Delgado - Tubista

Jambá is a band that uses trumpets, saxophones, trombones, tuba and percussions to brighten the streets, events, parades and ultimately saraos of all kinds through a chosen repertoire of internationally known themes in addition to their own compositions.




This project directed and devised by Javier Bermúdez, who is also a member, composer and arranger of this formation, arises from the need for Cádiz to finally have a parade orchestra since, for many years, there has been nothing similar throughout the province. Inspired by the mythical «marching bands» of New Orleans, it also goes into other styles such as afrobeat, funk, soul, latin, rock and even flamenco through very elaborate and brilliant musical arrangements, both adapted and own.

They are currently immersed in the presentation of their first debut EP in which you can listen to the wide range of styles that make Jambá such an original and fun band. In it we can listen from a blues built on an original rhythm of the folklore of the Northeast of Brazil (the baião) to a couple of original compositions of more funky touch in the purest second-line style of New Orleans or even a theme of Thelonious Monk in Latin code specifically based on the bomb rhythm of Puerto Rico. Finally, there are also a couple of popurris of hits by Michael Jackson and another of the Rage Against The Machine with which the album closes. The EP has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Curro Ureba during the month of May 2018 at Trafalgar Estudios, which by the way has been nominated for the fourth consecutive year with several of its productions at the Grammy Awards.

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