Inés Fonseca

Inés Fonseca

Inés Fonseca - Voice
Nono García - Guitar

The creations and voice of Inés Fonseca and the arrangements and poetic guitar of Nono García come together to give voice and life to the female poets of the Generation of 27. Two long-standing musicians bring us poetry and music to meet and Enjoy the great poets of 27.

A, Recuerdo de Sombras, which testifies to this musical assembly and proposes us through a concert, to enjoy and learn about a forgotten part of our cultural history. A concert where the flamenco-jazz art of maestro Nono García joins the warm and expressive voice of Inés Fonseca.


Her musical training includes composition, guitar and singing studies at the conservatories of Santander and Madrid. In addition to training courses with Montserrat Caballé and Alfredo Kraus.
Inés Fonseca has been self-producing albums and since 2000, especially dedicated to his own poetry, Dawn 2000, and authors of the stature of José Hierro with Vida 2002, Gerardo Diego, José Luis Hidalgo, Pick, in the Santander music album for a city year 2005, Generation of 27 in 2007, A centipede in 2008 with her own poetry, Flight of Miguel Hernández in 201o. With the great Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal made a Two in one in 2012. In 2016 she produced a dedicated to the poetry of Spanish and current woman, Trazos. Finally this year 2019 has produced another new dedicated to the poetry of women of the Generation of 27, Memory of Shadows next to the guitar of Nono García. She has shared the stage with Moustaki, Luis Eduardo Aute, Luis Pastor and Pedro Guerra.


The guitarist and composer of Barbate is one of the first to find affinities between overseas music and the rhythms and tones of flamenco. His album ATUN Y CHOCOLATE, Best Solo Guitar Disc Revelation in 2002.of the 3rd edition of the Flamenco Hoy Awards. Nono García composes the B. S. O. of the film with the same title ATUN Y CHOCOLATE by Pablo Carbonell. Being a finalist of the IX edition of The Music Awards.

DISCOGRAPHY. Las Quimeras del Momento .1991. Quetzal Tunes Atún y Chocolate. 2001.Sorondongo. BSO.Atun y Chocolate 2004.Warner-Dro. Al filo de la Medianoche 2008 Youkalimusic Coplas Mundanas2012 “Viaje a la Breña 2013”,Radio Pesquera, 2015 El Volcán música. Titonete 2017 Youkalimusic COLLABORATIONS Vaya con Dios.1 er.disco.1989, Chano Dominguez. Hecho a
mano, banda sonoras. Martirio. Coplas de Madrugá+Mucho corazón. Also with Carmen París, Gema y Pavel, Gladstone Galliza, y José Antonio Ramos, among others.

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