<< Mozart himself told me in a dream: “music is between the notes”, and that’s where Enrique Oliver lives, between notes. But before there is the rhythm, earth, heart; where are the people, who are the ones who have to beat in time to get the rite whatsoever. Here it is about jazz, with muscle and root, while showing new colored flowers, which has been a while since the new century arrived and it is not a question of falling asleep.

So Enrique’s saxophone combines the weight of grammar dominated with the mischief of the curious child, and thus surrounds himself with musicians who jump to the same beat. Huge names of our jazz tradition like Jordi Rossy or Albert Sanz; the strange thing would be that it wasn’t a wonderful real record. What a joy that, between notes, we maintain the possibility of life, that the time of the clocks does not measure everything, that we can still flee from the day and night have a guitar or saxophone sense. And we’re in luck because Enrique Oliver plays one of them. The little world we share is much better with him inside>>

Javier Galiana. Jazz musician.

Perhaps the most powerful project of Malaga’s Enrique Oliver. With two of the most international musicians that Spain has given: Albert Sanz and one of the best drummers of all time in Jazz History: Jorge Rossy. .”

Pablo Mazuecos. Clasijazz (Almería).

The saxophonist Enrique Oliver leads his second album “Incerteza”. Published by the Blue Asteroid label in October 2019. In the words of Oliver himself “In this new work, I present two arrangements of jazz standards and eight own compositions. All the material of the disc has been chosen and composed during the last years, during which, I have lived in three different cities, Lisbon, Basel and Malaga, which have brought me totally extraordinary musical and vital experiences.

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