‘Aletheia´ (Alice in Greek) means ‘Truth’, remove the veils to discover the true.

Can you dance with a piano? Yes, you can. And besides, whispering in his ear. Alicia Tamariz does it.
A tribute to the senses, the perfect assembly between delicacy and roundness.” Pepe Dorao. Clarence Jazz Club. August 2019.

Alicia Tamariz, born in Barcelona, ​​on May 18, 1986, begins to study Jazz with great pianists of the Andalusian scene: Javier Galiana and Juan Galiardo. She attends international seminars by Aaron Goldberg, Miguel Zenón, Jorge Rossy, or Michael Kannan.

She studied at the Higher University of Évora (Portugal) and continuedher musical journey of more than 4 years in South America (Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Iguazu (Argentina), La Paz (Bolivia), Quito (Ecuador), Cusco (Peru), among others.). She continued her tour in Spain musically accompanying her father through countless auditoriums and theaters, bringing together valuable scenic experiences.

She currently resides in Malaga, where she is part of the musical scene and the faculty of CAMM, Center for Modern Arts and Music of Malaga. Recently she presents her first work of his own compositions: ALETHEIA.

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